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TYG Media

Specializing in Movie/TV//Radio/TV/Digital and Social Media development. Our background includes working on Christian Movies, National Television, Radio & Networks, Digital and Online services as well as Social Media optimization.  TYG Media is all about helping your Christian ministry and/or family-friendly business grow. TYG Media has had the privilege of being part of some amazing media projects of national and international scope and we’ve also been happy to help small churches and businesses put their best face forward in today’s marketplace. We’d love to help you!

Helping Seniors of Brevard

Helping Seniors of Brevard‘s mission is to improve the awareness of senior care services and programs as well as help lead the way in assisting seniors get connected to resources and assistance that they need. Helping Seniors is both an inbound and and outbound program to help Seniors in Brevard County. Call us today at 321-473-7770 to talk with our Information Specialist. Our services are free and available to Seniors, and those who care for Seniors, in Brevard County.  You can also learn about our Senior topic TV and Radio programs and newspaper & magazine articles at:

Get YoChesapeake Bible College & Seminaryur Bible Degree … Online & Mobile. Study Anytime/Anywhere. Affordably.  Welcome to Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary. CBCS is a non-denominational, correspondence Bible College. We are a faith based ministry started by the late Dr. William Comfort, in operation for nearly 40 years now, with the vision of taking Christian Education off the top shelf and making it available for the everyday person who is pursuing God’s plan for their life. Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary, Ridgely Maryland, is a 501(c)(3) Correspondence Bible College providing a ministry of Christian Higher Education through home correspondence studies, online studies and class room studies on the Bible.

American Evangelistic AssociationThe American Evangelistic Association (AEA Ministries) has served the Kingdom for over half a century. Credentials bestowed by AEA are respected by the Internal Revenue Service, the Military, state and local governments, and ministerial associations globally. AEA grants credentials to qualified pastors, missionaries, trained laity, church planting leaders and those serving on staff in Christian para-church ministries. AEA is cross denominational and exists to encourage, assist, and provide a platform for members to proclaim the Gospel in every facet of ministry.  AEA Ministries has served, globally, in Kingdom-building efforts, since the time it was first established, more than 60 years ago, in 1954.

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Christian FM Radio NetworkChristian FM is America’s premier content provider for Contemporary Christian formatted radio stations. Christian FM offers up to 24/7 music, imaging, personalities, delivery systems and consulting services to help you build a responsive audience.  Among our clients are some of the highest rated stations in the CCM format. From Maine to South Texas, from New York to LA, and from Florida to Washington State, Christian FM created programming is heard on top quality radio stations nationwide, and on a growing list of overseas outlets. Many existing Contemporary Christian stations have found Christian FM to be the way to sound great, minimize overhead, and actually become MORE local in the process. For radio station owners considering a format change, Christian FM offers the best way to enter the growing Contemporary Christian format.

Transforming Your CityLeadership Coach Dr. Dave Robinson, tackles the 3 key leadership questions necessary to effect change in your life – and your city: (1) What do you want?, (2) What do you have?, and (3) What is your plan to close the gap between wants and haves? Dr. Dave Robinson travels the globe 250+ days each year training and equipping leaders for their work in Marketplace Ministry. His popular weekly Transforming Your City national Radio Program, is enjoyed coast-to-coast and, as an author, speaker, and leadership training expert, he is well-received as a keynote speaker globally, Get insight into Marketplace Ministries through the Radio, TV, and online resources at

Space Coast Prayer Breakfast

The Space Coast Prayer Breakfast provides an opportunity to join together for a time of county-wide prayer on the National Day of Prayer, on the first Thursday of May, from 7:30am-9:30am that morning. The event, which has sold-out its seating in all prior years, takes place at the Hilton Rialto in Melbourne, FL.  Congressman Bill Posey has served as Honorary Chairman of the Prayer Breakfast since its inception in 2013.  It is an outreach of Power in the Workplace Ministries, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit comprised of business leaders, professionals, ministry/church leaders, civic and community leaders who have been praying for Brevard County and come together for this countywide event.

Tapestry Christian College & AcademyTapestry Christian College and Academy is a dual enrollment, open curriculum School. Teaching Christian perspectives and Biblical principles for Business, Education, Government, Social Enterprise, and Family/Community Relations. The Academy portion of Tapestry Christian College and Academy provides High School students with a unique opportunity to excel in their high school studies, focusing on specific state-mandated courses as well as electives suited to prepare the student for the development of their college major. The college portion of Tapestry Christian College and Academy follows an open curriculum philosophy that is a teaching method that allows a student to take a course to study what they are personally interested in – choosing their educational focus rather than having to focus and other classes everyone must take.

 Golden ProvidersGolden Providers is here to provide you with a resource of credible, trustworthy and respected members of the community to meet your needs. We are a team of professionals dedicated to serving the needs of seniors, their families and the businesses that service them…such as: Auto, Business Services, Home & Office, Legal, Finance, Insurance, Medical, and Senior Services.  Golden Providers publishes a Directory of trusted professionals in all trades dedicated to providing top notch service to seniors and its members meet monthly for education, networking and furthering the businesses that benefit seniors.  Golden Providers is dedicated to providing Seniors with services that are delivered with excellence.

Knowledge College for AgingKnowledge College For Aging is a ministry designed to assist Churches and its Members understand and respond to the needs of seniors. Knowledge College for Aging is an empowering resource designed to assist with training tools that speak effectively to the older population – it could be aging members directly, or it could be assisting those who are caring for loved ones who are now challenged with aging. KCA is established by those who have significant experience in this area and who want to share their expertise and advice to enable Churches and Companies to fulfill their role in assisting seniors with Love & Care so that they may age with dignity – to look after widows and orphans in their distress.  Get Ahead of the Aging Curve!

 Brevard Commission on AgingThe Brevard County Commission on Aging was established in 2001 to address the ongoing needs of our aging population through a collaborative, coordinated effort among the public and private sector, as well as interested citizens. The Commission on Aging is responsible for assembling statistical data that provides a demographic analysis of the current and future population of Brevard’s senior population; tasked with identifying community resources for seniors, analyzing their strengths, and identifying areas that need improvement; is committed to serving as an important source of information about the state of aging in Brevard County and helps facilitate long-term planning for elder care and services by continued implementation of the Department of Elder Affairs “Communities for a Lifetime” initiative in Brevard County.